Bio-Toxic Metal Elements
       ...each metal poisons differently

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  • Your mother's mercury/nickle amalgam dental fillings diffused into your in-utero environment where your brain was trying to develop.
  • 30% of us are lacking the gene that builds a strong glutathione, the body's own chelator.
  • As a baby, you were given up to 6,000 times too much mercury, the main preservative in your immunization shots.
  • Your childhood dentist drilled out your teeth and gave you your own leaching metal fillings.
  • Your flu shots still contain mercury in 2011.
  • A lifetime of "soft" Aluminum cookware.
  • Dust from many old window sills contains Lead.
  • The MRI you just had to investigate your symptoms, itself, injected you with Gadolinium, a poison metal attached to an unstable chelate.
                                   HEAVY METALS DISPLACE minerals...                                    
:       The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Aluminum and necessary... BORON

Arsenic:            The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Arsenic and necessary... PHOSPHORUS

Cadmium:        The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Cadmium and necessary... ZINC

Gadolinium:    The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Gadolinium and necessary... COPPER

Lead:                 The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Lead and necessary...  CALCIUM

Mercury:          The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Mercury and necessary...  ZINC

Nickle:              The body can't tell the difference between poisonous Nickle and necessary...  ___________
It is the ingenuity of mankind: the invention, pharmaceutical chemistry, industrial chemistry, and the mining and aerosolizing of mined earths (air pollution), which has put all life forms (including all civilized human populations) in contact with ores that have been, until recently, safely bound to rock inside the earth's crust. With exponentially increasing exposure to these "foreign and unfamiliar" atoms, ions, molecules and compounds, comes a new, unbalanced, and unsafe biological equation.
For iPad users, you can download this app that introduces you to all the elements and metals in a fun way
Here is an interactive table of all of the elements on Earth:

HOW TO USE:  Follow each poisonous metal UP the table to the element in the TOP row.... to find the mineral each poison displaces...

Click on the BLUE tab called "ORBITALS" to see the SHAPE  (colored mustard & blue) of any element you choose...

Atomic elements come in CATEGORIES.  Each category is like a different shaped piece of HARDWARE.

It helps to imagine that SOME categories look like bolts, OTHER categories look like nuts, still other categories look like washers, etc.

Each piece of hardware (or differently shaped metal atom) serves a PURPOSE.

But just as metal hardware objects come in different sizes, so do the element-sized 'objects'.

Some bolts of the same SHAPE are one-inch long while others are half-inch or quarter-inch long.  They come in bigger versions.

For example, Mercury is just a bigger VERSION of the Zinc that we need. 

When the bolt you have available is too BIG for the purpose, it begins to break the wood its in.

When the element available is too big for the purpose, it begins to BREAK the proteins or enzymes its in.

When wood cracks, the furniture falls apart. 
When proteins or enzymes crack, the body falls apart.

That's how POISON leads to ILLNESS.