Safe exposure proven UNSAFE

Federal Regulations [US]:  As of 2013
State Regulations [US] :  As of 2013
International Regulations:  As of 2013

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  • United Nations moving to phase down amalgams
  • European Union moving to ban amalgam fillings
  • EPA remediation of Lead in households
  • FDA is reviewing phase out of ADA mercury
  • FDA has new warnings on Gadolinium in MRI
  • Gadolinium
  • FDA reviewing phase out of mercury
MERCURY Poisoning Politics

2013- The United Nations is promoting a "phase down" of silver/mercury amalgam fillings, as opposed to a ban.  The European Commission (different from European Union) suggested a total ban on silver/amalgam fillings.

2010- December
   NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

2010- UN

2009- From a typical activist site

1990- Ralph Nader's comment
The only solution to heavy metal exposure is to STOP its use in as many industries as possible.  ALL USES should be fully recyclable with cradle to cradle reclamation and re-useability.  From gasoline to cookware to coal burning to dental and medical exposures, the only solution to the problem is to decide that poison is actually poisonous in ANY amount, and that NO amount of exposure to poison is SAFE OR ACCEPTABLE, no matter the claims to the contrary for reasons of "convenience."

How Corporations Create Fake Science,
                ...meant to confuse you enough so that you'll stay quiet