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Patient directed treatment

Most doctors today have not been educated about about heavy metal toxicology. Unless an MD, ND, or DO has had personal experience with metal overload, they will know little of chelation's effectiveness.

Patients find themselves with myriad "mystery conditions" that are undiagnosed, untreated, and uncorrected, or recurrent, as with repeating infections.These patients, with the recent widespread use of internet sharing have re-discovered chelation therapy for thier own survival.
Environmental remediation
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Doctor mediated treatment
In the 1940's, Chelation therapies were "invented" for the purposes of acute poisonings. Protocols were created toward identifying and reversing very high and very recent exposure, i.e. if a worker "fell in a vat of lead paint."  Today's  "low and slow" exposures are very different from the past.  They cause a DEEP TISSUE buildup of  metals, requiring advanced testing and treatment protocols for current needs. The known safety of Chelation remains unchallenged by any US health authority.

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  • "Natural" chelators should not be taken without a carefully designed protocol.
  • Chelation is a lengthy endevor, usually involving a few years of treatment.
  • Treatment is via oral, suppository, or IV route.
  • Each metal binds differently to the body, so each requires a UNIQUE method of removal.
  • Many MDs NDs ODs are only aware of or licensed for one type of removal.
  • Often, Chelation is NOT covered by insurance.
International Academy for Oral Medicine and Toxicology
An international dental association that believes silver fillings cause chronic buildup metal toxicity leading to autoimmune diseases and fostering chronic disease or early onset of disease.  These dentists use current science to safely remove mercury-metal-amalgam dental fillings.
Click on 'Find A Doctor' to find dentists in your area who are trained in safe amalgam removal. Removal can make you worse if done wrong. Dentists who call themselves "biological" are the most in depth, "holistic" is less in depth, the rest are merely trained in safe amalgam removal.

Andrew Hall (Andy) Cutler in Seattle
You can peruse BOTH of Andy Cutler's books on Google Books, but we recommend purchasing both books.

Dr Boyd Haley in Arkansas

Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt: ND/MD/PhD in Seattle

Dr. Chris Shade
Quicksilver Scientific

** NOTE:  Chelation is ALSO practiced by individual clinics of many different disciplines (ND, DO, Chiro, etc), with widely varying degrees of mastery. The chelation experts are continually arguing over which methods are best in different patients, and this detailed debate does not usually get conveyed outside of the immediate field.  Many use the term "chelation".  Few know how to do it well.
Chelation Requires Replenishing:
Important minerals (vitamins) and other repair nutritionals that your body needs get washed out during chelation (zinc/iron/magnesium are good metals) so they need to be replenished regularly, but as the mercury, lead, arsenic etc (bad metals) load decreases in your body, normal function returns to nerves and glands and organs.

Biologically speaking, chelation makes the most sense as a low dose oral supplement taken for a few days in a row every few weeks, for a few years. Reactions can be controlled, oral is safer than IV, and there is no way to rationalize solving a decades old problem in weeks. It takes time to get poisoned; it will take time to get un-poisoned. To CN, "low and slow is the way to go".

Organizations of Chelation Professionals
Chelation Experts and Services
Most people have no symptoms while the poison is GOING IN over time, but for everyone, getting the poison OUT is like pulling teeth!  Chelation's job is to stir up the metals AND suck them out, but the stirring up often makes things worse on the way to getting better, just like refurbishing a house makes a huge mess on the way to improvement.  Chelation is practiced by individual clinics of many different disciplines, and chelation experts compare and contrast which methods are best in different patients.
A Challenge Test
A Challenge Test is performed by taking in (either by oral pill or by injection) a large amount of a chemical "sponge."  The molecules of the sponge chemical circulate into SOME parts of the body.   They bind strongly to SOME heavy metals that are lodged in the body tissues (and thus are NOT ever found in blood cells or blood serum). 

The large bound-together-complex of chelator+metal is more easily excreted than the metal alone.  So after the chelator is inside the body, either a urine or a fecal sample is collected for a period of time.  Different doctors prefer different collection times (6, 9, 12 or 24 hrs.)   The metals found in the lab sample are compared to the amount of other metabolic waste also generated by the individual in that same time period.  Metal amount per unit of kidney work, for example.

The dose (mg per body weight) of chelator given in a challenge is NOT UNIFORM in all patients, hence one patient cannot be easily compared to another patient.  Chelator dosages vary from office to office, based on the protocols of the practitioner.  Other supplements can also be taken to liberate more metals that are buried deep within tissues.  THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... IS TO DO THE CHALLENGE TEST THE SAME WAY EVERY TIME SO THAT YOUR RESULTS CAN BE COMPARED TO EACH OTHER OVER TIME. 

SOME chelation protocols are not safe for SOME patients as they re-distribute SOME metals into new body tissues, thus causing more and different symptoms.  Side effects from challenge testing span from NONE to SEVERE.

Detox Phases

Phase I Detox:

The first step in the two-step process for neutralizing toxic chemicals in the LIVER, during which enzymes neutralize a few chemicals but convert the majority of them into forms that can be neutralized only in phase II.

Phase II  Detox:

A process in which the LIVER uses one of two major enzyme pathways to change a toxic substance into a less toxic substance that is easier for the body to excrete. In phase II detoxification, liver cells add a substance (such as cysteine, glycine, or a sulfur molecule) to a toxic chemical or drug, to make it less harmful.

The Chelation Process: Some BioChemistry
Organ Layers

Water-based  Organs  (Hydro-philic organs)
blood, kidneys, muscle, eyes, spleen

Fat based organs: (Hydro-phobic organs)

brain, all nerves, liver, interstitial fat, skin, colon, gall bladder

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