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  • 300 word maximum- Please edit for brevity.
  • Ask your doctor for permission BEFORE you use their name in your summary for this website.  Some practitioners appreciate mention; others do not.
  • Include discoveries you made about how chelation affected you individually.  Included hints for success, warnings for what to avoid.
  • Two pictures are worth 1000 words.  Before&After only please.
Tell your story
This area is for individuals who have reached their health goals using Chelation as a primary treatment method.  Please tell your story in 300 words or less.

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This area is for parents of children who have significantly improved using Chelation as an adjunct treatment method.  Please do not use a child's last name in order to your child's privacy.  Please tell your child's story in 300 words or less.!archives/c1lso
Here is the 'official' autistic patients' view of Chelation:
You can also read and watch stories from recovered autistic patients at this link
Scroll to end of the page for this patient's list of symptoms which recovered after having his metals removed. He had already       chased down every other possible diagnosis and treatment for 7 years with no resolution.
Here is a wonderful website from an Italian engineer who recovered from full MS and got out of his wheelchair. He is now biking and rock climbing and back to normal.  Scroll down the home/front page and click on any of the 23 chapters with blue headings to read his story in FULL detail including data and timelines.

*  We are now collecting stories as of 2014.
** Any stories we received in 2013 came in to us as random code.  If you submitted a story or resource to us in 2013, we did not receive it.  Please re-subit your information into our new form above.

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