The Metals Game...

There are enough steps in the chelation process that it helps to think of it as a board game...

What does your company do? How are you different from the competition.
We all make mistakes
It's Never Too Late to Begin
Plan Ahead

      Up To Date Resources                       Real Science                     Bias Toward No One
a) Count Your Fillings (You can do this today.)

Get out a flashlight and a tiny mirror and count how many silver fillings you have in your teeth. White fillings are fine, and gold fillings are fine (BUT GOLD IN SAME MOUTH AS SILVER MAKES SILVER LEECH MUCH FASTER). It's the silver or black ones that are the problem. These bad fillings are also possibly hiding under your newer white or gold caps and other dental implants.
There are 32 teeth and each has 4 faces (except the front teeth).  Each filling covers 1,2,3 or 4 sides of each tooth, so the big fillings are roughly 4 times worse than the small ones.    If your old metal fillings have all been replaced, you still likely have a large metal load in your body from years of leaching.

b) list dates of root canals or amalgam filling replacement of any corroding filling

c) note incidents with broken mercury thermometers

d) list dates of injection with gadolinium contrast dyes,  administered during MRI or vessel imaging procedure

e) list years exposed to Lead paint dust

1.  COLLECT your medical history.

Collect all possible dental and all possible medical records as far back as possible.  These records are your property.  You have a right to own them.  You may be charged a small copy fee.  Get a file box, and begin to organize all records by a) topic  b) date.
2.  Create a TIMELINE with the dates of all known exposures, for your full lifetime.
3.  Test your BODY for current metal loads.

For help with testing, in the MENU, please click on: TESTING
4.  Test your ENVIRONMENT for current metal loads.  Water, windows, paint, wood, kitchenware, etc

For help with testing, in the MENU, please click on: TESTING
6.  Pick Appropriate Chelator, or ORDER OF Chelators, AND Collect the TOOLS you'll need to use.

For help with CHOOSING a Chelator, in the MENU, please click on: AFFINITIES

Tools:  Digital Timers
Pill Spliters
pocket size pill counters/boxes
pill reminders


Hire a SPECIALLY TRAINED DENTIST who will do the removals thoughtfully and CAREFULLY

The TRAINED dentist will:
-Give you a plan for pre-removal supplements and want to know you have a chelation doctor
-Plan to remove fillings in portions, one quarter of mouth at a time if you have many.
-Use every tool available to make sure that you AND THE DENTAL STAFF don't get re-poisoned by dust/chips/vapors during filling removal.
-After removing this source of poison, you'll need peace of mind that the job was done right.After removing this source of poison, you'll need peace of mind that the job was done right.
5.  Remove or control all current sources of exposure.  Remove metal tooth fillings.  Replace parts of your IMMEDIATE DAILY environment that are causing chronic poisoning:  WATER, AIR, FOOD
7.  Chelate SLOWLY and in a CONTROLLED fashion, over a long period.  This process takes years, not weeks, if you are sick.  Usually 1-2-3 years.  It's nothing, compared to decades of sickness.

For help with Chelating successfully, in the MENU, please click on: REVERSAL

This part is MANDATORY, but MANY people skip this step for illogical reasons... so they never get better after getting their fillings out. Your body has NO EFFICIENT natural mechanism for getting rid of heavy metals because before the days of the mega-mining and coal burning industry, these elements were not found in our immediate environment. One theory of chronic infection is that your body purposely grows farms of ancient bugs who naturally CAN soak up the ever increasing amounts of poison, as a quick fix for hard times. The trade off is that the bugs then sap your resources and make you crave sugar etc.

There is no way to rationalize solving a decades old problem in weeks. It takes time to get poisoned; it will take time to get un-poisoned. "Low and slow" is the way to go. Biologically speaking, chelation makes the most sense as a low dose oral supplement taken for a few days in a row every few weeks, for a few years. this way, reactions can be controlled, oral is safer than IV.  Patience is required.

8.  During your long chelation process, you will have time to conduct environmental remediation measures for your home, property, or environs, including sources of low level poisoning in your diet.

The Chelation "game" often feels like it's two steps forward, one step back.  A sense of urgency and anxiety will cause you to skip steps or do them out of order.  In hindsight, people often WISH they had gone about it in a more rational order to prevent lost time, increased symptoms, and overall worry.  The steps below become the most efficient and lowest risk pathway toward getting successfully UN-poisoned, as you will usually need the results of the previous step in order to help you with the next step.
Overwhelming new information leads to a sense of urgency, and often panic.  That is a natural response.  But it is unwise to march ahead without a multi-step plan.  Panic won't help.
If we've already been in a panic, we've likely already made some mistakes. Mistakes may lead to further health problems.  But progress in a better direction is always possible. 
Regardless of whether your exposure has lasted weeks, years, or decades, the body is still seeking a healthier state.  Any straws you can remove from the camels back will help tremendously.