Doctors are not Scientists:
      "My doctor doesn't get it..."

The AMA does not "use" Chelation

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Medical doctors receive little or no training in clinical research or scientific experimentation.  They are trained NOT to think critically or challenge ANY current or traditional paradigm.  Doctors are trained to maintain a conservative approach.
Chronic accumulation over years is ignored by AMA doctors
Most doctors (including the American Medical Association) know of only one way to test for metals... they take a blood sample.  But poison is poisonous precisely because it settles out of your blood and into your structural tissues within 24 hours, making it impossible for your organs to excrete it.    Whereas a biopsy would show that metals were there, blood will almost always come up negative.  There are no imaging techniques for metal molecules, just as there are no imaging techniques for minerals.  The only thing that can be imaged is the damage to the body that results.
"Acute Exposure" means... "a rapid onset or a high volume, short-term exposure"
The Medical Argument Against Chelation Treatments
  1. The Testing Labs are not comparing your numbers to known populations of normal people (because heavy metal loads in healthy populations has never been studied.  The labs are doing two other things instead...  a) they are comparing their patient population to each other (even thought that population is large), and b) they are helpful in comparing a patient's improved state to the same patient's ill state.  They are comparing the same patient to him/herself over time, that is, before and after chelation treatment.
  2. Even when compared against the small numbers of "normal healthy" people, we need more proof, more healthy people to test.
  3. The chelator might be "collecting" large amounts of poison that you ate for breakfast on the day you got tested.
  4. The chelator might be "collecting" poison that is locked away in your body in "SAFE PLACES" like bone, fat, liver.
  5. No one knows how much poison is actually poisonous to each different kind of human body.
  6. Different individuals have different tolerances:  Gender, child, adult, senior, excretion genes.  In other words, it's fine for healthy people to be exposed to poison at levels that are known to harm other people.
  7. Chelation is such a powerful "ion vacuum" that it even "sucks out" a large amount of good minerals in the body, throwing the good out with the bad, and taking vitamins to replenish those minerals is too difficult for patients to do.
  8. One time, a chelation doctor grabbed the wrong bottle off the shelf and a child patient died as a result.
  9. Poisoning takes a long time to accumulate in a body, and if chelation (becoming slowly UN-poisoned) does not fully cure you in 3 months, that's proof that it's not working.
  10. I did not learn about Chelation in school, so it must be wrong.
Doctors often attempt to rationalize a lack of scientific understanding
  • Biopsies are never routinely screened for toxic metals which are often present at high levels. 
  • Dental Records are never considered important by your medical doctor.
  • Environmental exposure questions are not asked on your medical history or annual visits.
  • Enzyme function assays are never performed by your medical doctor.
  • Autoimmune and other chronic diseases are considered "your bad luck" instead of your body's rational response to poison.
Unless you fell in a vat of liquid metal yesterday, every single one of your traditional doctors, from the Family Doctor to the Toxicology Specialist, will have no idea that you may be currently poisoned by any of the 21 poisonous heavy metals.  They DO NOT know how to accurately test for it.
Medical doctors are not scientists
The National Institutes of Health (NIH)  Chelation Study

A very large study was initiated by the NIH to assess the effects of IV EDTA chelation therapy on circulatory disease. 
The study was temporarily halted (2008-2010), for reasons requiring better communication with study participants.
The study is currently under way again.

  • AMA "invented" chelation therapy in the 1940's
  • Chelation was invented for acute poison only
  • Chronic exposure builds up over time
  • AMA doctors "do not have time to learn about chronic poisoning"
Recent peer reviewed research studies investigating Chelation Therapy